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#1 Suraksha - GPS Tracker

24.16 usd

‘#1 Suraksha – GPS Tracker’ is every family’s most used and trusted GPS Tracker app for the safety of our loved ones – Family and Children. Our intelligent app integrates the latest technology to track our loved ones on their mobile as well as on web based Control Panel. This makes you feel safe knowing that on a click of a mouse, you can Find their current location or Trace their Path during the day.‘#1 Suraksha – GPS Tracker’ app lets your family to stay in touch and stay connected with you anytime from anywhere e.g. you can monitor your loved one’s location while sitting at home or working at your workplace.✓Trace your loved one’s movement during the day, 24×7 in real time from app’s website.✓Find your loved one’s current location 24×7 from app’s website.✓See the travelling location history of your loved one of past 15 days from app’s website.✓Find & trace your Mobile, in case you have misplaced it or got stolen; from our web based control panel. ✓Identify your current location 24×7 in Smartphone.✓In case of emergency, send SOS / Distress messages / Distress Alerts and Distress email with exact GPS location and mobile tower location.✓Receive stealth Distress Call, when your loved one is in threat, once distress is activated.✓Record & Listen to Distress Call remotely from Control panel.Once you have downloaded our app, just Login into Your Saarthi Online Control Panel in our website: and start Tracking the safety of your loved ones.The perfect GPS tracker app for every family’s safety!“Intelligent app. The GPS Tracker app came in handy in all situations and I am myself using it for some time now to monitor my children as well as my aged Parents. Very useful app and highly recommended to every parent.” – Hema Shah "I work late in office most days. My maid takes care of my 4 year old during the day. I have given a low cost phone with this app to my maid to track her & my child 24 x7. While I trust my maid, it is better to be Safe and Sure, thanks to # 1 Suraksha - GPS Tracker, I can monitor my child's well being from my office desktop" - Preeti Banerjee✓#1 Suraksha – GPS Tracker app integrates the latest technology to track our loved ones on their mobile as well as on web based Control Panel.✓#1 Suraksha – GPS Tracker app is user – friendly and easy tool for your Family – loved ones and children by tracking their location from the backend control panel of app’s website.With Suraksha – GPS Tracker app, you can track your teenage children, parents, spouse, or people with health issues as well as senior citizens.“Best app. Not only has the app worked well, but it gives complete peace of mind. I can monitor my son anytime from my office.” – Sneha Pawar.✓Privacy of our own family is the most important concern for everyone. So reveal your login details and location only to people whom you trust most.✓Know when your child leaves for school/ college/ class/ office and their return timings to take care most at that specific time periods.#1 Suraksha – GPS Tracker app keeps our loved ones stay safe, secure and safe – always being connected. “Wonderful app. The control panel of the App’s website is really easy to access and the locations are very much accurate. It was very useful whenever am out of town for business ventures and my family stay connected with me 24×7 by locating me.” – Michelle John.#1 Suraksha – GPS Tracker app lets you to find your loved ones and remain connected even if you are busy from anywhere anytime 24×7.Note: For #1 Suraksha – GPS Tracker to function properly,✓The GPS must be turned ON.✓Internet connection or Wi- Fi must be ON.✓Submit valid Email id to send Distress Alert/Email.✓Register your valid name in order for others to recognize you while you send alert messages.This is a yearly plan.Download '#1 Suraksha - GPS Tracker' for you & your loved ones and Safeguard them for whole year.