#1 Suraksha - GPS Tracker Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Guardian App Tutorial

BeLuvv's Guardian - One Wearable Device That Should Be On Every Parent's Wish List. Guardian is a tiny Bluetooth piece that can be inserted into a bracelet.

I want every one of you to download these three safety apps

The world is a dangerous place, so you need to take your safety and your family's safety into your own hands. Your smartphone can be your most important tool.

Women Security Mobile Application

Be the hand that stops crime against women.

Woman safety Android Application

Eve Teasing and Women Safety is major concern in any Country. According to the American Medical Association, Sexual Violence and Rape in particular is considered the most under reported violent...

Safetipin Tutorial

SafetiPin is a personal safety app designed to keep you safe.It has a complete set of features; GPS tracking, emergency, important contact numbers, directions to safe locations, pins...

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